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EXECUTIVE LITE SERIES (Line Interactive-Near Sine Wave)
500VA & 1KVA
Applications: Standalone PCs, Workstations & Network Devices
Built-in Stabilizer
Wide Input Voltage Range
Short Duration Backup
Dry Sealed Batteries
RS-232 Interface Software... [Readmore]
DURA POWER SERIES  (Line Interactive-Near Sine Wave)
500 VA to 2 KVA
Applications: PCs, Workstations, Network Devices, Electrical Appliances
Built-in Stabilizer
Near Sine Wave
Single Battery Design up to 1 KVA
Heavy Duty Charger up to 10 Amp
Wide Input Voltage Range (140 -300 VAC)
Long Back up with Dry Sealed and wet automotive batteries
Input Reset-able circuit breaker
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EXECUTIVE SERIES (Line Interactive-Near Sine Wave)
2.2 KVA & 3.3 KVA
Applications: PCs, LAN & Rack Based Network Devices
Line Interactive with Built-in Stabilizer
Extensive Status Display
RS-232 Interface Software
Dry Sealed Batteries
Optional Long Back up Model
SNMP Ready... [Readmore]
SMART SINE SERIES  (Line Interactive-Pure Sine Wave)
4KVA to 6KVA
Applications: Servers, IT Networks, Scientific & Telecom application
Built-in Stabilizer
Digital LCD & LED Display
RS-232 Interface Software
Heavy Duty Charger
Long back up with Dry Sealed and wet automotive batteries
Compact Design
SNMP Ready... [Readmore]
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